Event Information

Whitney High School Sober Grad NIght
Graduation and Sober Grad Night are on the same day.  T-Shirts will be distributed the morning of graduation at the final practice.  The location of the event will be at Hardwood Palace.  Doors open at 11pm and Graduates are released at 5am. SOBER GRAD NIGHT IS A “LOCK-IN”: No one will be permitted to leave before 5:00 AM.  After midnight no one else will be admitted.  There are no tickets, your name and contact information will be on a list at the door.There is a WHS Liability Waiver – Permission Slip that will need both the Student’s electronic signature and the Parent’s electronic signature.  This online form will need to be submitted before you are fully registered for the event.There is a Hardwood Palace Liability Form that needs the electronic signature of the student and the student’s parent if the student is under 18 years of age.  The online form will need to be submitted before you are fully registered for the event.Graduates are expected to fully cooperate with the Whitney High School Sober Grad Night Committee Volunteers, Vendor Staff, and local law enforcement.Whitney High School Sober Grad Night is a “Zero Tolerance” event.  Any graduate, regardless of age, choosing unacceptable behavior (alcohol, drugs) will have their parent called, and will be picked up by the parent, and/or counseled by local law enforcement.

Registration Sale Dates and Prices

Registration dates and cost will be updated soon.

** Night of the event, June 4th, 2021

Pay online via PayPal or at the Student Store (check or cash only) through TBD.  Pay at door night of the event.

Having a student drive themselves home after WHS Sober Grad Night is NOT recommended!  Driving exhausted is just as bad as driving drunk.  Please make arrangements with family, neighbors, friends, to drop off & pick up your graduates.  Pick up is at 5:00 AM on Saturday morning.

For more information please email: whssobergradnight@yahoo.com