Class of 2021’s Sober Grad Night is being planned for Golfland Sunsplash Friday June 4, 2021 @ 10pm – 5am

General Information:
1.      WHS Sober Grad Night is a “Zero Tolerance” event. Any graduate, regardless of the age, choosing unacceptable behavior will have their parent called and will be picked up by the parent and/or counseled by local law enforcement.

2.      Bags/belongings will be searched and bags will be required to be left at bag check. The graduates may access their bag with help of a volunteer throughout the night. NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, TOBACCO, WEAPONS, LIQUIDS OR FOOD on the premises. All open containers will be confiscated; please leave perfumes, hand sanitizer, etc. in your car.

3.      Only seniors from Whitney High School are allowed to attend. STUDENT ID IS REQUIRED AT ENTRY.

4.      Graduates must check-in at the venue between 10pm and 11pm to be admitted.

5.      We will try to notify parents if a graduate on the list does not check-in.

6.      Graduates (regardless of age) will NOT be allowed out of the event boundaries until 5am unless accompanied by a parent.

7.      Graduates will not be permitted to attend this event unless parent/guardian signs the waiver(s) and emergency information as part of registration. The signatures specify that graduate and parent/guardian approve and agree to all the rules listed.

8.      Finally, we strongly recommend that a student does NOT drive themselves to and from the event. Driving exhausted can be compared with driving drunk.

For more information please email: